Saturday, February 13, 2010

Local knowledge

Ride along with a deputy

In spite of the amazing proliferation of cop shows on TV, few of us give any thought to local law enforcement until we see those blue lights flashing in our rear view mirror.

The Goochland County Sheriff’s Department Citizens Academy, which begins on Wednesday, February 24, provides an opportunity to learn about local law enforcement.

Sessions are held on Wednesday evenings and cover a wide range of topics that include county courts; traffic operations; a visit to the Henrico County jail; interactions between Goochland deputies and state troopers; identity theft; motor vehicle accidents; canine operations and crime scene investigations.

There will also be an in depth look at how the sheriff’s officer performs routine law enforcement duties and deals with extraordinary situations.

A tour of the sheriff’s office includes a chance to see our outstanding dispatchers in action.

Those who complete the program are also eligible to ride along with a deputy on a regular duty shift, which provides insights about Goochland County unavailable anywhere else.

The class is limited to 25 people and the sign up deadline is February 15.

To sign up stop by the sheriff’s office, which is located in the county courthouse complex or call 556-5349. The sheriff’s office operates 24/7 and is the only agency in the county whose phones are always answered in person.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe some of the Supervisors can be convinced to attend this year.