Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Name calling a poor substitute for thoughtful comment

It’s good to see people jumping passionately into these discussions with a wide range of opinions.

Some of the recent exchanges, though, have gotten a little off the point.

It’s disappointing when people resort to name calling instead of crafting thoughtful rebuttal to opposing viewpoints. Save that for Twitter, please.

Anyone who takes the trouble to articulate a thoughtful comment should be respected, even if you believe the remarks are way off base.

Exclusive association with like-minded people is a good way to ensure that brain rot sets in. Thoughtful opposition provides the opportunity to examine and amplify your positions, or maybe revise them.

Discourse in America is degenerating into sound bites, the verbal equivalent of digital gestures that feel good for an instant but shed little light on the matter at hand.

The problems before us are complex as are remedies. There is no quick fix to anything. Let’s keep the discussion open and civil. We’re all in this together. Sharing ideas while pointing out strong points and flaws can help us find our way through the mine field of life.

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