Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Be on the alert

Suspiscious person reported

Matt Brewer just advised that a “self-proclaimed” college kid who claimed to be from Michigan stopped at their door earlier today soliciting for “early childhood education.”

According to Matt, this person was a tall kid around 20 years of age with spiky black hair somewhat reminiscent of Michael Phelps. He was driving a very small two door newer dark grey Honda. He carried a green backpack and several spiral notebooks. This young man was wearing shorts and an untucked polo shirt.

Matt’s wife reported the incident to the Goochland Sheriff’s office (556-5349 non-emergency or just plain 911) and wonders if anyone else has either seen or been approached by this person.

We all need to keep our eyes open and report anything or anyone out of the ordinary. This young man could be quite legitimately going door-to-door trying to make money for school, or his motives could be darker.

Do not hesitate to contact the sheriff’s office with reports about things that just don’t seem right. Better to respond to a false alarm than fail to prevent a crime!

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