Friday, February 11, 2011


Useful information

Two important links popped up on the Goochland County website this morning. This emphasizes the importance of this site and the need to ensure that all residents have reliable internet access.

One link outlines the hours and services that will be provided by a mobile DMV in the Courthouse Village area while the Treasurer’s Office is closed. Both county administration and DMV are to be commended for finding a way to minimize disruption of this service to our citizens.

The other link provides dates and times for the two community meetings scheduled by the County’s Department of Community Development regarding the creation of Urban Development Areas (UDA) issue resulting from state mandates.

The UDA link also includes two surveys about citizen attitude toward the development of Courthouse Village and the Centerville Village. Participation is open to all regardless of where in Goochland you reside.

Please participate in the UDA meetings, or at least complete the survey. All too often our local officials make important decisions based upon the input of the few citizens who make their views known.

It is time for all county citizens to pay attention and be informed voters in November.

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susan said...


Thanks for this info. I also urge everyone to complete both UDA surveys - one for Courthouse Village and one for the Centerville Village.

I would also like to caution residents not to flip through these surveys casually. This is an extremely important issue facing Goochland County, so we need to be clear on the feedback we are giving.

These surveys were created by our "assigned" UDA consultant, Cox Company, who will be paid up to $50,000 for their consulting efforts (total - not just for the surveys). This money is being paid by a grant from VDoT.

The grant agreement that the county signed with VDoT requires us to "revise zoning and subdivision ordinances to create at least one classification in each that incorporates the principles of new urbanism 'by right'." (Money with strings attached!)

So, as you complete these surveys, please consider who has something to gain from the implementation of UDAs. Ask yourself if you think the questions are leading you to predetermined outcome. Ask yourself exactly how these villages will be developed and how property owners who are not within the village boundaries will be affected.

Please choose your answers and comments carefully and keep a copy. The outcome of this type of planning and zoning will affect Goochland County forever.