Friday, November 25, 2011

Bulldogs rule!

16-12 over King William

Goochland’s Bulldogs hung on tonight winning a section football semi-final 16-12 by refusing to give up.

Unlike some of the Bulldogs’ previous games, where the scores indicate that the referees may be courting shoulder problems from repeatedly making the signal for touchdown, this one went down to the wire.

GOMM has no sports expertise, so you’ll need to go elsewhere to find out who did what, but it was a great game.

Goochland indulged in little successful passing, but lots of well executed teamwork that moved the ball downfield yard by yard. Goochland took a field goal when a touchdown drive ran out of steam. King William failed to execute the two point option following both of its touchdowns.

In the last seconds of the game, when King William was an arm’s length away from the winning touchdown, the Bulldogs stood their ground, refused to let King William score, and won.

Hard work, tenacity and teamwork got the job done.

The stands and sidelines were filled with enthusiastic supporters cheering them on. It was a great game.

Go Bulldogs! Thanks for making Goochland proud!

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