Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The last GOMM post contained incorrect information.

At the April 17 meeting of the Goochland Board of Supervisors, the 32 cent ad valorem tax adopted for 2012 was one rather than two cents less than the proposed rate.

On May 1, the supervisors unanimously voted to “replace” the $60,000 that the penny budget change represents by reducing a TCSD loan repayment to the county and the transfer to the capital improvement fund for parks.

Homeowners in the TCSD are justifiably angry about the situation. They’re losing patience with the situation and want the ad valorem tax abolished now.

Explaining the changes to the FY ‘13 budget County Administrator Rebecca Dickson said that, for planning purposes, staff would like to continue the 32 cent rate into the FY’14 budget. She said that the board will need to reconsider the rates next year based on changes in assessed valuation and other factors.

The opening of the West Creek Emergency Medical Center on May 1 should increase the total TCSD valuation and generate a lot of ad valorem tax. Expected Capital One construction could have an impact in FY ’14. Perhaps these factors will help to at least hold ad valorem tax rates steady in the future.

Dickson introduced Mathew Ryan the county’s new director of economic development. Ryan, who started work on April 30, seems to have, pardon the sports analogy, hit the ground running.

Ryan has the strategic plan for economic development, approved last fall, to use as a starting point. He will work closely with staff and the supervisors to market Goochland, especially the TCSD, to the world. In the next few weeks, according to Dickson, Ryan will meet with the board and administration to set priorities.

The most important task on Ryan’s agenda is building trust with TCSD landowners and the development community.
This is yet another step in the right direction for Goochland. Ryan will have full board support for all initiatives that benefit the county. This is a radical change from past practices.

New faces on the board and staff coupled with positive new attitudes toward economic development and the urgent need to get a handle on the TCSD debt situation bode well for the future.
We just need to stick it out for the short term.

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