Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Goochland votes

Goochland votes

Today is election Day, the High Holy Day of American Democracy. This is the day that citizens who are so inclined—remember we are not forced to vote-cast ballots to choose who will govern us.

Goochlanders are good about voting. In 2008, our county had the highest percentage of voters in the state, more than 85 percent!

A completely unscientific mid-afternoon survey of all of Goochland’s voting precincts found heavy turnout with more expected in late afternoon and early evening before the 7 p.m. closing time.

GOMM voted at the District 4 precinct, St. Matthew’s Church in Centerville. At 12:48 a long line snaked out the door and along the front of the building. The line moved quickly, thanks to the hard work of election workers and GOMM had voted by 1:15.

Herbert R. Griffith, Chairman of the Goochland Electoral Board said that voter turnout had been robust throughout the day and he expected it to continue thus until the polls close.

Beth Beazely, Precinct Captain at St. Matthews said that, so far, all voters had been cordial and responsible.

Some other precincts reported something of a hold up caused by voters waiting until they were in front of voting machines to read, and decide upon, the two amendments to the state constitution.

Party faithful of both Republicans and Democrats were outside all polling places, except Three Square, and again, this is a random, mid-afternoon activity snapshot, hoping to encourage voted for their side. The Three Square turnout was about 50 percent at that time.
No Republican workers were at Three Square in mid-afternoon!

The Dover Church precinct in District 5 reported more than 50 percent votes around 1 p.m. At County Line Baptist Church in District 1 at 3 p.m. about 900 voters had been through the polls with the bulk of the remainder of the 1900 to come between 4 and 7 p.m.
Both parties hope to change minds at Dover

Activity at the Recreation Center District 2 precinct had been robust since the doors opened at 6 a.m. and the parking lot was filled at 3:30.

The two District 3 precincts, both at the Company 5 Fire-Rescue Station, also saw heavy voting throughout the day with a final after work surge expected.

Thank you to every one of the election officials who rose before dawn to perform the myriad of tasks that make our electoral system work. Thanks to Goochland County Registrar Frances C. Ragland for her high personal standards that ensure elections in our county are conducted with the highest integrity. Thanks also to Griffith and fellow electoral board members Melinda Sledd and Robin Lind, all of whom work very hard to help us fulfill our duty as citizens.  


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Pat said...

Funny how people vote in such large numbers for national elections, but not so much where it really counts for local elections...