Friday, June 21, 2013

Stuff to do close to home

June 21-23—summer has arrived bring with it seasonal activities in Goochland Courthouse.

The Farmers Market sponsored by the Center for Rural Culture will offer fresh, locally grown produce from 8 until noon on the grounds of Grace Church at 2955 River Road West, roughly opposite the courthouse complex.

Goochland’s own ham radio operators, known formally as ARES (amateur radio emergency service) will hold its annual field day exercise at the Company 5 fire-rescue station on Fairground Road near the Food Lion.

Although the concept of using ham radios for communication seems quaint in our hyper connected world, when the cell towers go down and power fails, ham operators are able to keep the lines of communication open with very basic equipment.

During the field day exercise, our local amateur radio buffs will try to establish contact with as many other radio operators as possible from all over the country and world. Points are awarded for contacts and visits from members of the community. Stop by and learn how they operate.

The 2013 James River Bateau Festival concludes at Maidens Landing, just over the bridge in Powhatan, in the afternoon. The river is high this year, so the trip from Cartersville, the last overnight stop between Lynchburg and Maidens, should be faster than in years of low water. As the bateaux travel on river time, there is no arrival schedule; leave your watch at home and enjoy the day.

Even before the boats arrive a variety of interesting activities are available at the landing.




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