Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Upcoming opportunities for citizen engagement

On September 11, 2013, Goochland Volunteer Fire-Rescue will hold two events commemorating the 9/11 attacks on Manhattan and Virginia.

At Courthouse Volunteer Fire-Rescue Company 5 on Fairground Road a memorial will begin at 9:45 to honor the victims and heroes of the attack on the World Trade Center.

At 7 p.m. Manakin Company 1 on Route 6 will dedicate the county's September 11 monument, which contains artifacts from both the World Trade Centre and Pentagon.

Twelve years after these heinous acts America continues to struggle against the forces of evil intent on destroying our way of life. It is important to remember those who died in the attacks and those who gave their lives trying to save others: the passengers of Flight 93; firefighters and police officers.

On a lighter note, the next Goochland Leadership Enterprise class begins on September 26. Registration closes on September 18.

Even though our county is currently in good hands, citizen engagement is vital to ensure that continues.
Graduates of GLE are involved in every facet of the county, including the Board of Supervisors, School Board, and Christmas Mother program. it is a great way to learn about Goochland and meet other citizens that you might not otherwise encounter. Knowledge is power. Get to know your county!

For additional information, brochure, and applications call the Goochland Extension Office at 804-556-5841 or go online at  

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