Friday, January 10, 2014

Watch this space

On Monday, January 13, construction on the long awaited McDonald's in Centerville is expected to begin. Located on the west side of St. Matthew's Lane in front of Goodwill, the new eatery should be open for business by spring.
This will bring another dining option to Centerville and reinforce the notion that it is a place to drive to, not through on the way to dinner.
By opening an outlet in Centerville (it's not Manakin, which is on Route 6, or Manakin-Sabot, which is just a zipcode, it's Centerville) a major national corporation making an investment here is a signal to others that this is a good place to do business.
Thanks to input from many concerned citizens, the building upgrades will set the tone for future development. If morning coffee business is good, Starbucks might just decide it's time to move west.

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Pat said...

It will be interesting to see if a year from now you are posting on an obesity epidemic in Goochland...