Monday, May 5, 2014

Break into prison

This Wednesday, May 7, the Virginia Correctional Center for Women (VCCW) will host its annual Kates Day event. The festivities begin about 3 p.m. at the VCCW, located on River Road West near the water tower in Goochland Courthouse Village.

From 3 to 4:30 p.m., there will be sales of baked goods, raffle tickets, and plants grown by the offenders as part of the horticulture program. Bus transportation is available to the green houses, as are rides to the parking lot with plant purchases.
No cell phones or purses are permitted, but you must have a photo ID to enter the prison. Plastic bags are provided for checkbooks and wallets. Checks are accepted at the sales.

The flowers, vegetables, and house plants produced by the VCCW offenders are beautiful and a bargain. All proceeds help fund educational programs.

The Elizabeth Kates Foundation, named for the first warden of the VCCW, works to help offenders turn their lives around. In addition to the horticulture program, offenders have the opportunity to complete a GED and learn marketable skills so they can be productive citizens when they return to the community.

Kates Day is a great way to brighten your garden and help a good cause.

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