Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Goochland is getting noticed--at last--in a good way.

A letter dated September 25, 2014 announced that Goochland County, under the leadership of our intrepid County Administrator Rebecca Dickson, has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the current (FY 2015) from the Government Finance Officers Association.

Goochland is one of 1,424 government entities to receive this honor for budgets beginning in 2013. According to a press release, to receive the award, the reporting unit must meet guidelines that assess how well the budget serves as: a policy document; a financial plan; an operations guide; and a communications device. Proficiency 14 mandatory criteria within those areas must also be demonstrated.

The budget also meets a locally imposed goal, transparency, by being posted in all its glory on the county website. Go to to see for yourself. The budget contains a great deal of useful and interesting information about Goochland and is well worth a perusal.

Thanks and congratulations go to Dickson and the entire team that crafted the budget. Stewardship of public funds is vital for cost effective government and can only be achieved through hard work, dedication, and good leadership at all levels.

Speaking of leadership, Goochland School Superintendent Dr. James Lane has been named one of Style Weekly’s “top 40 under 40.” Go to for details.

The Goochland School Board is to be commended for hiring Lane two years ago and recently extending his contract to ensure continuing dedicated and innovative excellence in education.

Goochland is changing for the better. Good schools and competent, accountable government are just the beginning.

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