Sunday, August 2, 2015

Throw in your two cents

The Goochland County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on the 2035 Comprehensive Land Use Plan during the evening session of it its next meeting on August 4.  Renovations of the comp plan have been underway for about a year.

Both the Planning Commissioners and Supervisors have participated in workshops and held town meetings to gather input on the proposed plan.

Except for a relative handful of residents, out of a population of about 21,000, there has been little interest in the matter.

While the comp plan is designed to serve as a "guide" for land use decisions, a majority vote of the supervisors could over ride it. Unlike previous comp plans, the county intends to revise zoning ordinances to support it, and avoid the frustrating contradictions that characterized previous comp plans. For instance, indicating areas where a particular kind of development may occur, mixed use, for instance, without permitting that kind of land use in county statutes.

The public hearing on the proposed comp plan before the Planning Commission earlier in the year drew only a few public comments. Next Tuesday is your last chance to throw in your two cents.

Even if you have no interest in land use issues--most people pay no attention until there is a bulldozer on the land next to their home-- the proposed 2035 comp plan contains a great deal of interesting information about Goochland. Please take a minute to at least skim it. The proposed 2035 comp plan is available on the county website

When adopted, the 2035 comp plan will be available online and in a printed, bound version. We hope that local realtors provide copies of the 2035 comp plan to new residents so they understand that Goochland is not just like Henrico with large lots. We're better, but we're also different.

Our elected officials really want to encourage citizen engagement in all facets of local government. Even if you have a complaint, they want to hear from you.

Throw in your two cents for a better Goochland!

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