Thursday, July 28, 2016

Splish splash

Former Goochland County Administrator Becky Dickson tests the water in the fountain dedicated in her honor, as she jokes with Lisa Beczkiewicz and Bob Minnick.

On July 26, a day suitable for frying eggs on the sidewalk, Goochland County supervisors, staff, and others gathered in front of the county administration building to dedicate a fountain in honor of former County Administrator Rebecca T. Dickson.

Looking cool as a cucumber in a watermelon red dress, Dickson greeted everyone with smiles and hugs. “You don’t realize what a great county you have here,” she said, perhaps with perspective gained during her temporary part-time gig in her old stomping grounds of Chesterfield County.

The fountain, located by the front entrance closest to Sandy Hook Road, was something Dickson believed was needed in Courthouse Village. “I always wanted a fountain, but I thought it would be in the roundabout,” she said, alluding to a much- discussed but never to materialize traffic improvement for the intersection of Fairground and Sandy Hook Roads.

The waterworks began even before the fountain was turned on as Dickson brushed tears from her cheeks.
Board of Supervisors’ Chair Bob Minnick, District 4 said that the fountain will enhance the sitting area and provide a place for staff and citizens visiting the building to enjoy quiet reflection—in more temperate weather.

Dickson expressed her gratitude for the honor and said it was good to be back in Goochland. She admonished staff to keep up its good work for incoming County Administrator John Budesky, who starts work next Monday.

She went on to praise the caliber of people who work for Goochland and express her appreciation for her time working with the current supervisors. “If I had my way, you’d stay [in office] forever.”

Since retiring at the end of March, Dickson has been traveling and addressing her health issues.

The fountain dedication will not be the last Goochland sees of the intrepid Dickson as she will be involved in fundraising efforts for the new county animal shelter.

No word on whether or not the fountain will be stocked with fish. Any coins tossed in will be donated to a local charity.

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