Monday, July 31, 2017

Get involved with Goochland

Do you know who your county supervisor is and who represents you in the Virginia General Assembly? Do you know when the school year begins in Goochland and why?  Did you know that Virginia is a Dillon Rule state and what that means? Do you know how Goochland got its name and what happened here during the American Revolution and Civil War?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you’re not alone. If you would like to learn more—in addition to reading GOMM—Goochland Leadership Enterprise is the answer.

Created in 1996 to identify potential future leaders and educate citizens about the advantages and challenges Goochland faces, GLE connects Goochlanders from all walks of life and corners of the county.  A series of biweekly classes  explores the many facets of the county and provides a mechanism for newcomers and longtime residents alike to discuss and perhaps take part in shaping the county’s future.

Subjects range from an overview of local history to the county budget process and  include education—our schools are something to brag about—economic development, law enforcement, fire-rescue, and volunteer organzations.

Running from September to mid-March, sessions are held mostly on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. at locations all over the county to showcase all that Goochland has to offer. There is also a Legislative Day in Richmond during the General Assembly Session where participants get an inside look at state government and a chance to talk with our legislative delegation.

Graduates of the GLE program are a vital part of every organization in the county. Several are or have been supervisors, school board members, Christmas Mothers, and one blogs.

For additional information, brochure, and applications  for GLE call the Goochland Extension Office at 804-556-5841.

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