Friday, July 23, 2010

Knowledge is power

Get involved

If you’re a regular reader of Goochland on my mind you are already interested in local government.

Whether you’re new to the county, or have lived here your entire life, the Goochland Citizens Enterprise Program, fondly known as GLE, is a great way to expand your understanding of how things work here.

Perhaps a more important GLE benefit is the opportunity to meet people of all walks of life from all corners of Goochland and get broader perspective about issues facing different parts of the county.

Since its inception in 1996, GLE graduates have become involved across the spectrum of county functions and serve in every capacity from non-profit volunteers to elected officials. One blogs. They have enriched all facets of civic activity and expanded opportunities for others to join in their endeavors.

Classes begin on Thursday, September 9 with orientation and pictorial tour of Goochland and meet every other Thursday until the end of March with a generous holiday break.

Sessions are held at different locations throughout the county to encourage students to explore places outside their normal flight paths and issues beyond their comfort zones.

All parts of county government are explored including discussions with county staff and elected officials. A dinner with the board of supervisors, scheduled for March 1, provides an excellent opportunity for in depth discussions about county issues with the decision makers.

Speakers are representatives from all county departments including the county administrator; commissioner of the revenue; treasurer; sheriff; clerk of the circuit court; commonwealth’s attorney and school administration. The class travels to the Virginia General Assembly to meet with Goochland’s state representatives in February.

Sessions also includes ways to get more involved with Goochland.

While there is a modest fee for participation, assistance is available for those who might be economically challenged to ensure that all who are interested may participate.

Please call the county extension office at 804.556.5841 to obtain an informative brochure and reserve your place in the class.

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jd said...

Everything you said is true. GLE was one of the best things I've ever done. It not only gave me introduction into how things worked locally, but it introduced me to the people who have influence over the issues relevant to all residents.