Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Have you seen a devil monkey?

It’s that time of year again. Darkness of long nights can play tricks on our minds, perhaps.

According to scuttlebutt at the Goochland YMCA, there have been several recent sightings of a creature described as a devil monkey.

In some of these encounters, the alleged creature became aggressive and gave the people who saw it quite a scare.

A brief internet search indicates that devil monkey sightings have occurred around the southeast, including several sightings in southwest Virginia.

The DM is described as being money like with long hair and a simian face. Size ranges from about three to eight feet in height. There are no photographs on the internet.

In a time when most people carry photo capable cell phones, this makes the entire subject a bit suspect.

However, truth is often far stranger than fiction.

So, if you have spotted a devil monkey or any other unusual beings — it should be about time for the Druids in Gum spring to make their annual appearance — post a comment to share information.

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Anonymous said...

Go to the Capitol in DC. There's a whole building full of them!