Sunday, December 26, 2010

More strange critter sightings

Christmas birds One horned goat

Earlier in the month reports of a strange creature began to circulate in the county.
Although the description of the anomalous creature (AC) was not remotely simian, it was dubbed the devil monkey.
Other folks reported seeing odd things.
Last week, the Goochland sheriff’s Department posted photos of a one horned goat spotted in the Maidens area as an answer to sightings of the AC.
It’s good to have a photo, but this goat does not seem to have the long long, fluffy tail that was a feautre of the initial sighting.
Other sightings have been reported.
On Christmas Eve, a black deer was spotted running along Manakin Road in the daytime.
An entity calling itself the Goochland Public Safety Network contends that some sort of creature had been sighted on Rt. 250 moving westward from Gum Spring toward Hadensville but offered no description of whatever was sighted.
On Christmas morning, a huge flock of black birds was swarming in the Oilville area. This could have simply been a precursor to the big storm, but it was creepy.

Perhaps all of these phenomonena are the result of animal response to the weired weather we’ve been having, or something else entirely.
We’ve got more snow on the ground, which should provide an opportunity to spot strange tracks if there are any.
We all ejoy a scary story, especially as a diversion on snowy days. However, if there is something odd lurking in our woods, we need to be careful and alert.
Keep an eye out for anything strange including tracks in the snow! It’s probably not Frosty!

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