Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting plugged in

It's GLE time again

The very fact that you are reading this blog indicates your interest in the Goochland Community.

We are blessed to live in an amazing place filled with fascinating people and worthwhile organizations.

An excellent way to learn more about the county and meet new people is the Goochland Leadership Enterprise (GLE) program.

Begun in the fall of 1996, GLE was crafted to educate citizens about the county and encourage them to take a greater role in the community.

Graduates of the program can be found taking roles, large and small, making Goochland a better place to live and work. One graduate is a member of the Board of supervisors. Some are candidates for office in this November’s election. One leads a political party. Several GLE graduates have served as Christmas Mother. Many serve on boards of various local non-profit organizations. One blogs.

The program consists of 15 sessions held every other Thursday evening at 7 p.m., which are held are various locations around the county. Each explores a different facet of Goochland in detail.

Topics include: Goochland history; volunteer fire-rescue; economic development; county administration; constitutional officers; agriculture and natural resources and the county budget. A dinner with the Board of Supervisors and a day at the state legislature to meet those who represent Goochland are highlights of the program.

There is a registration fee of $45, which includes all materials and a graduation dinner in the spring.

In addition to exploring issues of local importance with decision makers, GLE provides the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and all parts of the county. Through GLE lifelong Goochlanders and new residents come together to forge bonds that build our community.

This year’s GLE program begins on September 22 with a class orientation and pictorial tour of Goochland. Each class is limited to 25 participants. Applications for the program are available at or from the Goochland Extension office, PO Box 20, Goochland, VA 23063; or by calling 804-556-5873.

Make this the year you get involved with Goochland.

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Beth Hardy said...

Goochland Leadership Enterprise is a great way to learn more about the County, its history, the government, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become more engaged locally. Good stuff!