Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rhode for senate

A primary election to choose the Republican candidate for the Virginia State Senate from the newly configured 22nd District, which includes all of Goochland, will be held next Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

Goochland’s own Bryan Rhode is the clear choice in this race. He is well qualified by education, experience, convictions and attitude. For details, please visit

Five people are seeking this nomination. Only one, Bryan Rhode of Crozier, lives in Goochland with his wife Lynne and two adorable young sons.

This year voters will select an entirely new group of legislators to represent Goochland. We are fortunate to have Bryan Rhode, the best candidate for the 22nd District Senate seat living among us.

All too often, our elected representatives focus their attention on the parts of their districts with higher populations and more votes. They come to Goochland for money and go elsewhere for votes.

Rhode understands, first hand, the needs of his fellow Goochlanders. That is why it is vital to elect Rhode as candidate for the 22nd District Senate seat.

Currently employed as a deputy commonwealth’s attorney in Richmond, Rhode has a broad view of the challenges that face the Commonwealth. He has served on active military duty as a United States Marine and is active in our community.

Rhode’s education, experience and leadership skills equip him to provide excellent representation for his constituents. He will collaborate with fellow legislators to craft effective long range solutions to issues that face Goochland and the Commonwealth.

Rhode understands the systemic deficiencies that have caused government to expand its reach beyond all reason. He will work to lighten the regulatory burdens that hobble our economy and chart the correct, not politically expedient, course to get us back on track.

Please vote Rhode next Tuesday, August 23.

The election is an open primary, which means that all registered voters, regardless of party affiliation may cast ballots.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. This will be the first election following redistricting, so some polling places have changed.
All voters in District 4 now vote at St. Matthew’s Church on St. Matthew’s Lane in Centerville. Turn north at the Exxon station, cross Plaza Drive. The church is on the left.

The Crozier precinct is closed because Goochland will now be represented by only one state senator. Bryan Rhode is the best candidate for this office.

District 5 now has two precincts, one at Dover Baptist Church on Manakin Road, the other at the Collegiate facility on Blair Road.

All other precincts remain in the same place, although redistricting may have moved some voters into different polling places.

New voter registration cards were mailed to all Goochland voters earlier this year. If you have any questions about your voting status or polling place, please call county registrar Frances Ragland at 556-5803 with any questions.

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W. Kevin Hazzard said...

Thanks, Sandie. I am definitely voting for Brian Rhode. He will be our educational ally supporting our efforts to return control of the schools to the county. He also believes that agricultural sciences and Career & Technical Education programs are just as important as preparing our children for college. The other candidates are good but Brian truly understands the value of providing a broader range of educational opportunities, including better integration with the Virginia Community College System. Brian Rhode has my vote.