Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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new Goochland County logo

Goochland County seal adopted 1975

At its May 5 meeting, Goochland County’s Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a new county logo. This symbol will be used on county documents and equipment as deemed appropriate.

The county seal, which will also be used for official purposes, is the coat of arms for the family of Sir William Gooch, the royal lieutenant governor of the Virginia colony from 1727 to 1749 It currently appears on documents, county vehicles, and behind judges in both the circuit and general district courtrooms. Sir William never actually set foot in the county that bears his name.

A few years ago, former District 2 supervisor William Quarles, Jr. prepared an explanation of the heraldry in the Gooch crest, which references arcane European medieval terms that have little relevance in the 21st century. However, Virginians have never been all that keen on modernity and, in spite of having fought two wars to break free of British rule, have an affinity for English traditions.

The logo, according to County Administrator Rebecca Dickson, evolved from the county rebranding initiative undertaken by the Department of Economic Development to attract new business to Goochland.

Incorporating both agricultural and corporate sides of Goochland’s nature, the logo depicts barns and silos coexisting in a circle with office buildings.

Yes, there are multi-story office buildings in Goochland. They are mostly in West Creek and are not skyscrapers. The corporate headquarters of Luck Stone is tucked discreetly into a slope on the south side of Route 6 in Manakin. These buildings, especially the Luck facility, lie gently on the land. Some have won awards for their environmentally sensitive designs.

CarMax, headquartered in West Creek and its neighbor Capital One, have received national recognition as being among the best places to work. Other large employers in West Creek include Virginia Farm Bureau, Performance Food Group, and a government agency.
The logo embodies a new attitude in Goochland. While the supervisors are committed to encouraging economic development, they have also pledged to ensure that new enterprises, be they commercial or residential, will not overwhelm the county’s ability to provide core services of law enforcement, fire-rescue, and education.

The logo was part of the January presentation to Standard and Poor’s, which resulted in the county achieving AAA bond rating status, a first for a Virginia county with fewer than 50,000 residents.

Items in the May 5 board packet requiring official action, including adoption of the logo, were headed with the county seal. Minutes and agendas used the logo in their headings. (See the supervisors’ tab at www.co.goochland.va.us for the complete packet.)

Practical considerations for adopting a simple logo could include ease of reproduction. As the seal is a very complicated design, it does not reproduce well, sometimes resulting in a dark blotch on documents.

The logo’s simple design is expected to be used on items including stationary, business cards, business forms, and the county website.
A resolution adopting the logo also states that it and the county seal may be used only by county personnel for official county business. According to County Attorney Norman Sales, when the seal was adopted in 1975, it was not given the protection afforded by the new ordinance.
Goochland’s new logo expresses energy, optimism, and offers an invitation to explore the possibilities that our county has to offer.

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