Friday, May 15, 2015

Girls rule, boys too

As the winnowing process for presidential hopefuls gets underway, two women have announced their intention to seek nomination for the top spot of the ticket for their respective parties.
In the decades since Betty Friedan’s The Feminist Mystique began to explore the place of women in the power structure, many have risen to the tops of their respective professions.

Currently, there are three female justices on the United States Supreme Court. Major corporations, including General Dynamics and General Motors are headed by women.

Even Goochland County, for the first time in history, has a female chair of the Board of Supervisors, Susan Lascolette, who represents District 1.

There is no doubt that females are more than capable of fulfilling the duties of elected office. A more pressing question is how to get them interested in government in the first place.

One way, is the Virginia Girls’ State program run by the American Legion Auxiliary. Each year, every American Legion Post Auxiliary in the Commonwealth selects girls in their locality who have completed their junior year in high school to participate in the event.
According to its website, since founded nationally in 1937 to promote Americanism, nearly one million girls
nationwide have had the opportunity to learn firsthand how state and local governments work.

During the weeklong event, to be held this year from June 21 to 27 at Longwood University--the Boys’ State program is held concurrently at Radford--attendees become citizens of fictional cities named in honor of someone associated with the history of the program, or Virginia.
Participants learn about the formation and operation of government on the city, county, and state levels. They vote and hold elected or appointed offices, live together, and learn about the privileges, rights, and responsibilities of American citizenship.

Good government is the result of hard work by elected and appointed officials at all levels operated under the watchful eye of an engaged citizenry.

After an extensive selection process, Goochland American Legion Post 215 and its Auxiliary are happy to announce the students who will participate in the 2015 Boys and Girls State.

Post 215 Auxiliary selected for Girl’s State: Jaymi Bell, Madelyn Parker, and Emily Hobbs. Rachael Edwards and Sara Jane Anderson are alternates. Selected for Boys State: from Benedictine College Preparatory is Harry Young and from Goochland High School are Logan Monk, Caleb Fisher, and Davis Paone; Nathan Alford is the alternate.
According to Post 215 Public Affairs Officer Nancy Gregory,”This (selection) was a difficult choice given the involvement and activities of these young men and women. Most have or had family members in the military; volunteer in the school and in the community; are active in athletics; participate in mission trips; and are members of multiple organizations and leadership organizations both within and outside of the school. All have plans for further education once they graduate from High School.”

America may forget its veterans, but our veterans never forget America. Planting the seeds of patriotism, and leadership in future generations is a sure way to ensure that the ideals that built our nation never die.

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