Saturday, September 12, 2015


Goochland’s School Board took time out of its crowded schedule to nominate GOMM to the Virginia School Boards Association 2015 media honor roll.
This generous and gracious nomination cited GOMM’s “fair and balanced reporting on the school division and education related topics.”

School Board Chairperson John Lumpkins, Jr., District 3 presented GOMM with a commendation certificate at the Board’s September 8 meeting.

Goochland School Superintended Dr. James Lane opined that GOMM may be the first blog named to the VSBA Media Honor Roll.

GOMM is humbled and grateful for this honor. GOMM is especially thankful for the extraordinary people on the School Board and those engaged in all facets of education in Goochland. They make mentioning the accomplishments of our school division a joy.

In recent years, GOMM has focused on county government, usually mentioning school matters as they intersect with other facets of the community, such as the involvement of American Legion Post 215 with creation of the Marine Jr. ROTC at the high school.

GOMM often mentions and praises the productive collaboration between the supervisors and school board that replaced a perpetual state of confrontation between the two bodies. Indeed, after taking office in 2012, these ten good people metaphorically clasped hands and supported each other through some of the darkest economic times in recent memories. The results have been astonishing.

Our school board members, Mike Payne, Kevin Hazzard, John Lumpkins, Beth Hardy, and John Wright have devoted enormous amounts of their time, energy, and considerable talent to ensure that all Goochland students are ready and able to succeed in life.

Our school board members participate in regional and statewide education related organizations, which enhances the reputation of Goochland schools.
Beth Hardy, District 4, is current VSBA Chair for the Southside Region. Kevin Hazzard, District 2, currently chairs the Board of the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School. Lumpkins is current chair of the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School.

American public education in the 21st century is a very complicated enterprise. At its heart, as always, are great teachers in every classroom. Goochland is truly blessed with the caliber of those who guide our schools.

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