Friday, September 11, 2015

Turn, turn, turn

On a perfect Tuesday morning fourteen years ago, evil assassins dispatched by malevolent forces of darkness, whose shadow still blocks the light of freedom and goodness around the globe changed America forever.

As a nation we marveled at the courage of police, firefighters and EMS providers who ran toward danger. They trained every day of their careers to bring order out of the chaos of disaster; far too many perished in the attempt. We were reminded of the role these remarkable people play in the ordinary life of every community—that our first responders are true heroes.

Americans mourned together as a nation, united in grief.

Today’s world is very different from that of 2001. Electronic surveillance, enhanced security at large events, and airport screening have become a way of life. Unattended parcels of any kind make us nervous. After the Boston Marathon bombings, we are all too aware that danger can lurk anywhere.

Perhaps the most disturbing change is that, in the minds of some, it is suddenly okay to execute cops.
What happened to the unity and resolve that brought us together?

In an efforts to ensure that the 9/11 attacks on Manhattan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia’s Pentagon, the Freedom Flag Foundation ( works to ensure that 9/11 is never forgotten.

The flag itself was designed by Richard Melito of Henrico. Its symbols pay homage to the sites of devastation and those who perished
Members of the Freedom Flag Foundation Board presented the Goochland School Board with a Freedom Flag and educational materials at its September 8 meeting to ensure that the history of 9/11 is not forgotten. Board Members Beth Hardy, District 4; Kevin Hazzard, District 2;, and Board Chairperson John Lumpkins, District 3, who hold leadership positions in state and regional educational organizations, agreed to spread information about the Foundation.

Steel from the twin towers has been installed in a special place of reflection at the Manakin Company 1 Fire-Rescue station. At 7 p.m. this evening, September 11, 2015, an event to share and remember the sacrifices and loss 9/11 will be held by Goochland’s First Responders at Company 1, located at 180 River Road West (Route 6, Patterson Ave.) in Manakin. All are invited to attend.

While we pause, on this solemn anniversary to remember, we also need to look ahead and ponder the future of America.